Event: Jonathan Klein interview
Date: 2003/10/12
Description: I was lucky to be one of those few people who had the chance to interview Jonathan Klein, vice-president, co-founder, and co-owner of NGP (New Generation Pictures), during his visit to the IRC Chat hosted by Animation HQ. Read the full interview.

Full interview:

Interviewer: Gecko (CA)
Interviewee: Jonathan Klien (J.K.)

CA: Besides yourself :P, whitch would you say is the best translating/dubbing Comp out there today?
J.K.: "I like a lot of Animaze's work."

CA: Do you think you could tell us what your closest upcoming project would be?
J.K.: "Well Currently we're working on Tenshi No Shippo (Angel Tales) and I'm about to start directing another anime title. Can't say the name yet but it starts with a T."

CA: What stages do you have to go through to be able to translate or dub an Anime movie?
J.K.: "As a translator: I prefer working with Native Japanese, they will get the scripts and videotapes from us and I'll give them some input on how I want the scripts formatted. Then it goes to an ADR script editor, usually a native english speaker, who has to re-write the dialogue to match the lip flap. Then it goes back to an editor to make sure the dialogue wasn't re-written to differently from the Japanese and if it was it should have."

CA: What is your opinion of Fan-Subs?
J.K.: "They're fine as long as they stop distributing them once the US licensor announces they've got the title."

CA: Don't you think that it can get confusing if you use same voice-actors for more then one character in a Dub?
J.K.: "It depends on the voice range of the actor. If they can do some really diverse voices, I'm not against having them do more than one character although I usually avoid actors doing more than one main character."

CA: Which project do you feel you have done best in so far?
J.K.: "I'm very proud of the work done on Hellsing and NieA_7. I like all of our titles, but those are my favorite to listen to."

CA: Out of all the projects possible, which would you mostly like to do, that you haven't done yet?
J.K.: "That's a little too difficult to answer since i don't know what's out now."

CA: Do you have any favorite Voice Actor/Actress?
J.K.: "I'll diplomaticly say I love all the actors and actresses I work with ;)"

CA: Approximitly how many staff members do you need to dub a Movie?
J.K.: "You need a translator, ADR script Editor, producer, director and recording engineer. Although sometimes we wear more than one hat."

CA: Could you tell us approximitly how many workers there are now at NGP?
J.K.: "We have a staff of 6 and a lot of freelancers who work for us on a job by job basis."

CA: Do you enjoy watching Anime yourself. And in that case, which ones?
J.K.: "I grew up watching Anime, when I was very young. I lived in NYC and we had a Japanese TV station that showed Captian Harlock, GE 999 and Ikyu-san on the weekends. Later I joined the CFO when somebody taught me about Anime."

CA: Did you enjoy answering these questions here today?
J.A.: "Yes, there were a lot of great questions here."