Banner Exchange

Cult Anime now has a special offer for all webmasters. You can advertise your website by signing up on our banner exchange program.
The way it works is, you send us an e-mail with a URL to your website and a URL to a banner. We will ad your banner to our rotation, and your banner will randomly be shown on other website who have our banner rotation.

As anything else we have requirements for you to reach in order to be accepted. But no worries, they are all easy requirements that any website can reach.

  1. Your banner must be size 468 x 60 pixels.
  2. Your banner must be either JPG or GIF format.
  3. Only Anime related websites. No pornographic websites and no Hentai! And overall, nothing objective by younger viewers.
  4. When you join, you will be sent a code, by e-mail, that you place in your website. That will be the rotation which will randomly display other members banners, including yours.

See I told you it was easy. So if you want to add your site just send an E-mail and your banner will be added as soon as possible.

Link to us

If you like this site and would like to link to it we would be both glad and thankful for your help.
Bellow you will find banners and buttons which you can use.
If you need help on how to use the banners, you can E-mail me for help.

Banners - 468x60 pixels
Banner 1
Banner 2
Banner 3
Banner 4
Banner 5
Banner 6
Banner 7
Banner 8
Banner 9
Banner 10

Buttons - 88x31 pixels
Button 1
Button 2
Button 3
Button 4
Button 5


Association is basically your typical affiliation, relation, partnership. If you would like to assiciate with Cult Anime, send me an E-mail with your name, e-mail and URL to the website. I will review your website and decide wether there will or will not be an assiciation.
The criteria for association are tougher then the banner exchange, which is why I warn those who apply that there is a big chance you wont be accepted, unless your website is out of the ordinary.
Wont be accepted:

  • Forum sites.
  • Portal sites that don't offer anything else except the forums.
  • Very poorly coded sites.
  • Sites with little content.
  • Mean and strict Webmaster/Admin.
  • Very poor design.
  • Sites with a free layout from another site.