About Us


Cult Anime was created August 24th 2003 as "Anime Source". After much concideration, the name was changed because of domain registration problems and the fact that many other sites had that same name. Many names were concidered, but when it all came down to it we decided to stick with "Cult Anime". From the start Cult Anime was only a subject of entertainment for webmaster Gecko, who was seeking only to experiment with his webmaster skills. After a year of production, Gecko has learned more about webmastering than any book can teach. After 8 reviews on his own, Gecko advanced the site forward, hireing a few people to help him keep track of things and with content. Among others he hired a reviewer who has until the summer of 2004 been one of Cult Animes most valueable staff members. Submitting half of the reviews in total by the time he quit, Cypher-Khan made quite an impression. On February 11th 2004 Cult Anime bought the domain www.cultanime.com, and had officially proclaimed itself a project to stay. Since then, the website has grown both in quaility and in quantity, as well as popularity.


  • Cult Anime is coded with XHTML 1.0 Mark-Up language This Page Is Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional!, and styled with CSS2, Cascading Style Sheets, level 2 This document validates as CSS!. Also using PHP for programming scripts.
  • The site uses PNG formated images for everything except photos, pictures, and scans, which we use JPG for.
  • The forums are scripted and programmed by Invision Power Board v1.3 Final, and skined by The Silent Theatre. However the skining was edited by the webmaster.
  • We are hosted by a company named UZIPP, which offers great prices for hosting and domain names. UZIPP has great support and a very helpful staff.